"Not too long ago, in a dimension closer than you think..."

The Perils of Quad began as a comic book idea. But I became so interested in one character that I unconsciously began to develop his life and his world and 272 pages later I had a novel.

Now available through barnesandnoble.com!

The Perils of Quad Overview

Bodi Hawkes is a teenage foster child with a challenging, yet uneventful life—until he starts to inhabit alternate superhuman versions of himself from four other dimensions. As Bodi struggles to make sense of his newfound ability, a young girl named Phoenix Mack becomes inadvertently entangled in his predicament. Together, they seek out a reclusive physicist, Professor Artemis Hill, to help them.

After Bodi demonstrates his powers for the apprehensive scientist, Professor Hill attempts to unravel the mysterious origin of the teen’s power which lies with his estranged father who he now must find. Complications arise when a sinister rival from the professor’s past, Dr. Victor Maddox, steals Professor Hill’s findings. What will the madman do with this information? Can he utilize it to execute his evil plans?

If Dr. Maddox can duplicate and expand upon Bodi’s ability and use it for his own criminal ventures, the results could be catastrophic. Now, along with his quest to discover the source of his extraordinary gift, Bodi embarks upon an amazing adventure to thwart any evil plans Dr. Maddox may have for his unique talent. But the diabolical doctor won’t go down quietly. What will it take for Bodi, Phoenix, and Professor Hill to overcome The Perils of Quad?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friday, March 19, 2010

Official Ad For THE PERILS OF QUAD Book Trailer

This is the official advertisement for the book trailer of The Perils of Quad..
We'll be shooting it sometime this year.
..as the advertisement says... WATCH FOR IT ONLINE!!

Author Signing at BARNES and NOBLE...

Carl Joglar's book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Layton, Utah was a success! Over $500's worth of "The Perils of Quad" was sold in two hours!
Hopefully, he'll be appearing at other locations including Salt Lake City...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Carl Joglar Works On Upcoming Film "HARLEM HOSTEL"

Carl recently served as Story Editor on the comedy-drama "HARLEM HOSTEL" written and directed by Nestor Miranda and starring Ramon Rodriguez of "TRANSFORMERS 2: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN".
The film will be making its theatrical debut this February!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Carl Joglar book signing at Barnes & Noble!

Carl Joglar will be signing copies of his contemporary sci-fi novel, THE PERILS OF QUAD. The signing will be taking place at Barnes & Noble booksellers in Layton, Utah on March 13th from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm!

Come on by and purchase your copy or just come in to chat with the author and pick up a FREE bookmark and poster!

See you there!!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Here is a sample of fantastic fan art submitted by the lovely and talented Kaitlyn Elizabeth Mui from Long Island, New York. Kaitlyn is sixteen years old and is planning for a career in animation and graphic design as well as music.

You can imagine the amazing progression of her talents in the years to come.

Thank you Kaitlyn!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I just wrote a short script called Unpleasantville, which was made by a group of exceptionally talented filmmakers and talent! It's a very Tim Burtonesque little story and the film so far looks fantastic! I would say it's "A Nightmare Before Christmas" meets "Pleasantville" and I hope to see it at The Sundance Film Festival... WATCH FOR IT!

Published February 2009

Published February 2009
Buy a copy online Today!

AMC Monsterfest

AMC Monsterfest
Carl was a contributing writer to "Short Screamers Hosted by John Carpenter" which was part of AMC's Halloween Monsterfest - He wrote "The Witching Hour" which was described by critics as "The Honeymooners meets The Others"

My Writer's Bio

My Writer's Bio
My writing life in a really small nutshell.....

Acting Debut

Acting Debut
This was a short horror spoof ("Working Late") that I played the lead in. It ran before the main feature ("Pieces")at the Fantasia Film Festival in Canada...

"The Startup" Movie Poster

"The Startup" Movie Poster
Carl was Story Editor on the film "The Startup"

Short film "Heroes" Movie poster

Short film "Heroes" Movie poster

"HEROES" Production Still

"HEROES" Production Still
Carl Joglar directing one of the actors